Monday, April 17, 2017

The Shop Is Open!

Hello all my friends!
It's been entirely to long since i've been on here!
Lately i've been sewing and sewing and sewing and finally opened up my Etsy shop!
It's a work in progress but i have some pretty cute pieces for the special little girls in your life!
Right now i have rompers and dress that are comfy, cute and perfect for warm weather!
Please check it out!


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Idaho Trip

In September i got the chance to go on my first mini vacation all on my own No Kids!
Can i get a hallelujah?
It was the best first trip ever because i got to go visit my sister in Idaho!
On our way the pilot made a special turn so we could marvel at the beauty of Mount Rainier.
When i got there we wasted NO time in keeping busy every minute.
The first couple days were full of Thrift store shopping!
My top favorite place to shop you just never know what kind of deals you'll find, and we found A LOT of great deals!!
I also go to have my first taste of Smashburger....and let me tell you it did not disappoint!
And the huckleberry die for!
On Saturday my sister and i got up bright and early so that we could go hike up Table Rock.
It was the perfect weather, neither of us had ever done it before......
 And these pictures don't do the view any justice you just had to be there.

Made it!

 The 'rare' selfie

It was pretty funny because when we got there neither of us knew which path to take to go up, because there were multiple ones, but we ended up taking the steep route on the way up.....and it was hilarious....right Allison?   ;)
After we hiked up and hiked down we headed to the Boise Farmers market, 
and then we met my sister at ZUPA'S for far it's my favorite place to eat and im so sad they don't have any in WA ........yet.
But that s'mores mouth waters just thinking about it.
After lunch we headed to Craft Warehouse to shop/look around and i ended up getting some cute fabric!
Saturday evening consisted of a pizza/lula roe party....all in all a great day!
Sunday we went to listen to Evan give his homecoming talk, 
Evan you did a great job!
Then Allison and i headed to a baby shower of one of her friends.
Later that evening my sister picked me up to go to the parents house for dinner.
Dinner is always good if Dad is cooking!

Lookin cute in her Halloween dress!

Cutest smile ever!

On monday guess what we did?
More thrift shopping and we stopped in the fabric shop and i fell in love with the blue fabric combo on the left.....kind of wishing i had bought a little bit.......
I was able to get to zupa's one more time before heading to the airport, for my short flight home.

And as much as i was sad to leave Idaho....It was sure nice to have a warm welcome home.
And to see the kids survived.
And that shawn survived.....hahaha

I still can't believe how much travel we've done this year.....SO MUCH! 
And we might sneak in one more trip before the year's end.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Summer Sewing

I was thinking about the name of my blog last night ' Sew Fantastic ' and realized i haven't posted anything very crafty, or shown what i've been sewing lately. 
So i thought i'd do a little recap of what i've been sewing over the summer.
I had a lot of fun trying out new patterns, and learned so many new sewing skills.
A lot of the patterns i tried i will be making again next summer!

So lets get started!

Bow Dress 
i loved this one!

 This one was a little maybe i should say a lot more time consuming and i probably wouldn't make any of these for my shop unless it was a special order. But i do love how it criss-cross ties in the back!

 This one was kind of a mashup of 2 different patterns, first time ive ever added ruffle sleeves without a pattern.

Oh, i love me some baby rompers! I couldn't get enough of making these and i can't wait to make more!

This one is the same as the one a couple pictures up with the criss-cross back,this was my first 'test' of sewing this pattern.

Shorts! Definate must next summer!

Oh my goodness these little summer sets,were so fun and quick to make and super cute! Sold a couple and will definetly be making more!

And what kind of summer would it be if i didn't make at least 1 puffy tulle skirt?
I mean come on....i can't resist.

 And to end the roundup of summer fashion i made some light knit rompers.

And that is where my love of sewing with knits began.

So there you got it the highlights of my summer sewing.
Stick around and i'll be doing a sneak peak of what im sewing for fall!
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